Sink Hole

by Charlotte Thomson….

A city centre road was closed yesterday (FRI) after a sinkhole caused part of the road to collapse.  Traffic was diverted on Aberdeen’s Chapel Street on Thursday night after the tarmac caved in on the middle of the road.  It’s feared water from recent wet weather caused the problem.

While the surface of the hole was about 2ft wide, a large crater about 6ft deep had opened up underneath it.  A taxi driver spotted the problem while waiting in the nearby taxi rank and the problem was reported to the police.  Council staff then closed down the road and the sinkhole was sealed off with barriers and traffic cones. Gas pipes could be seen beneath the surface.  A member of staff at Herdy’s Dolphin fish and chip shop, which is based on Chapel Street, said: “There’s another part of the road that looks like it’s sinking as well, you can see a hole in the surface.

“All of the taxi drivers have been told it’s too dangerous to drive down.”

It is not yet clear when the road will be repaired.

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “Chapel Street in Aberdeen is closed, from its junction at Thistle Street and Union Street, following a partial road surface collapse due to water ingress.

“The road will remain closed throughout the peak traffic time and road users are asked to bear this in mind when planning their journeys.

“The taxi rank on Chapel Street is not in use while the road is closed.

“Chapel Street is open to pedestrians.”